NSRTC Constitution Olympics. Who will win the top prize? Recap of all 30 questions below. Winners announced on 8/1/2021!

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Here’s a recap of all 30 questions posed this month. Good luck to all who played! 

Q1:How were Senators selected to go to Congress, and is that method still the same today? Where is this addressed in the Constitution?

Q2:​How long do you have to be a citizen of the United States before you can become a member of the House of Representatives in Congress? Where is this stated in the Constitution?

Q3:​What ratio of House members to constitutions was set forth in the Constitution? Where is that addressed in the Constitution, and is the ration still the same today?

Q4:​We often read articles about Upstate NY wanting to separate from Downstate NY. Can this be done without the approval of Congress? Is this addressed in the Constitution?

Q5:​If you commit a crime before a law is passed, can you be prosecuted for committing that crime? Where in the Constitution is this addressed?

Q6:​Many states have made marijuana use legal. The federal law has made the position and use of marijuana illegal. Where in the Constitution is this conflict addressed?

Q7:​How many States were required to ratify the Constitution before the United States could be formed? Where is this referenced in the Constitution? Where did New York fall in the chain of signatories?

Q8:Can a member of Congress who was elected by their constituents be expelled from Congress? Where is this answered in the Constitution?

Q9:​Can a bill that proposes a new tax or increase a tax, be first introduced in the Senate? Where is this addressed in the Constitution?

Q10:​Can the right of Habeas Corpus ever be suspended? Where in the Constitution is this addressed?

Q11:​True or False. The Constitution cannot be amended without Congress voting on it.

Q12:​Have any amendments to the Constitution ever been repealed?

Q13:​Can members of government, either than the President and Vice President, be removed by impeachment? Where is this addressed in the Constitution?

Q:14​:The Senate approves Presidential appointments. If the Senate is in recess, can the President fill a vacancy without the Senates approval? Where is the answer found in the Constitution?

Q15:​If the President enters into a treaty with another country, does he need any of the Houses of Congress to ratify the treaty? If so is it both Houses or just one House?

Q16: What is the minimum age to be a member of the House of Representatives?

Q17:​What is the minimum age to be a member of the Senate?

Q18:​What is the minimum age to be President?

Q19:​Can money be drawn from the Treasury without authorization by law? What does the Constitution say about this?

Q20:​How often does Congress have to appropriate money for the military? What does the Constitution say?

Q21:​Which amendment describes when and how the government can search your home?

Q22:​Which Amendment enforces Federalism?

Q23:​Which amendment gave women the right to vote?

Q24:​Which Amendment lowered the voting age to 18?

Q25:​Does the Twenty-fifth Amendment allow members of the executive branch to remove the President and transmit his duties to the Vice President by declaring the President is disabled?

Q26:​Is there an amendment that gives residents of the District of Columbia the ability to send electors to the electoral college?

Q 27:​Which amendment declares the debts of the confederate states to be void after the civil war?

Q28:​Is there an amendment that allows the Congress to tax your income?

Q29:​Which amendment protects you from having your property taken from you without compensation?

Q30:​If you are delinquent in paying your income tax, can the government refuse to let you vote in a federal election?

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