Re-elect Katherine Daniels to the North Salem Town Board

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To the Editor:

I am
writing this letter in support of Katherine Daniels’ bid for
re-election to the North Salem Town Board.

the three years since Katherine was elected she has accomplished the
initial goals that she created when she first ran for this office.
She formed and leads a committee to address climate change. She and
her team created a Climate Action Plan and earned bronze status for
the town under the NYS Climate Smart Communities program, making us
eligible for funding to support our climate goals. She also formed
and leads a committee to address long range capital planning. She
and her team have completed a capital asset inventory and a building
condition survey and are in the process of creating our first formal
long range capital plan.

that isn’t all. Katherine has worked closely with the Town Board
to make improvements to our financial management procedures through
the use of technology. In
conjunction with the Town’s professional staff, she
a lead role in the identification and review of technology that will
help us be better stewards of the Town; the
Board followed her recommendation to implement
this technology.

of the things that sets Katherine apart is her proven commitment to
leadership in public service. Among other things, she served as a
Trustee of the North Salem Central School District from 2006 to 2019,
four of those years as President. She was a Trustee of the Ruth
Keeler Memorial Library. She has been a dedicated member of St. James
Episcopal Church for decades and is a past vestry member. Katherine
is an avid equestrian and has served on the Board of the North Salem
Bridle Trails Association since she first moved to town twenty-seven
years ago; currently, she is co-president.

is also a long-time supporter of the North Salem Open Land
Foundation. She is an EMT with the North Salem Volunteer Ambulance
Corps. She served on North Salem’s Comprehensive Planning
Committee between 2008 and 2011 and was a member of the North Salem
Energy Advisory Panel.

is no question that Katherine is committed to serving this town,
preserving its natural beauty and making decisions that are well
planned and fiscally responsible. Anyone can make these claims;
through her sweat equity, Katherine has earned
the right to make these claims. She walks the

Town Board service has been highly effective and collaborative; she
works in a non-partisan manner for the betterment of everyone in
North Salem. This is indisputable; the public record has plentiful
comments from Town Board members of both parties on how effectively
we are able to work together. Because of her professional,
industrious and cooperative work
ethic, Katherine is a major contributor to this desirable result.

will be voting for Katherine on November 7th and I
encourage everyone to do the same.

C. Aronchick

Salem Town Councilman

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