Happy 4th of July! Play our month long Patriotic Contest!

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To celebrate America’s founding, this month the North Salem Republican Town Committee will have a contest with a question a day for 30 days. This weeks questions are below, and the contest ends July 31st. 
Open to all North Salem residents, employees and students. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place correct answers. 
Email answers to
This weeks 10 questions are:
1. The battle of Bunker Hill was fought on:
A. Bunker Hill

B. Breeds Hill

C. Pork Chop Hill

D. None of the above

2. Wen Ben Franklin walked out of the Constitutional Convention, a lady asked him what Kind of government have you given us. Ben Franklin replied, a ____ if you can keep it.

A. Democracy

B. Confederation

C. Republic

D. none of the above

3. In which case did the Supreme Court give itself the right to override one of the other two branches of government?

​A. Dred Scott decision

​B. Madison v. Malbary

​C. Brown v. Board of Education

​D. None of the above

4. Vermont because the ___th state to ratify the constitution

​A. 4th

​B. 6th

​C. 8th

​D. None of the above

5. The 4th Amendment to the Constitution was influenced by events surrounding:

​A. General Warrants. Writs of Assistance issued by the English King

​B. Requirement that all official documents had stamps which raised money for the Crown.

​C. Tax placed on Tea

​D. None of the above

6. Federalists were Founders who supported a strong central government. Which founder was not a Federalist.

​A. Thomas Jefferson

​B. Alexander Hamilton

​C. James Madison

​D. John Jay

7. The Connecticut Compromise at the constitutional convention reconciled the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan. This gave us:

​A. The Senate and House of Representatives

​B. The Bill of Rights

​C. Four-year Presidential terms

​D. None of the above

8. The Federalist Papers were articles and essays in support of the new Constitution.

​A. True

​B. False

9. The constitutional convention was held in secret.

​A. True

B. False

10. Massachuttes, Virginia, and New York wanted to make ratification of the Constitution contingent upon the addition of a Bill of Rights. 17 amendments were drawn up by:

​A. Henry Clay

​B. John Adams

​C. James Madison

​D. None of the above

Watch out for next weeks next 10 questions, and all 30 can be submitted by the deadline of July 31st. Any questions. Contact the NSRTC at

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