letter to the editor - a response to NSTA

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This letter is in response to the NSTA letter written by Jim Savarese.

Regardless of the new attendance system and the fact that its “impact has been fleeting”, has nothing to do with the fact that our enrollment is low. There are 1019 students, K-12, with a student teacher ratio of 9 to 1. These numbers are more in line with a private school or the size of a Special Education Class.

Although the research shows that later start times for high school students can be beneficial, with such small class sizes, it should not be hard to keep track of your students. Afterall, there are so few of them in each class. I personally have experienced teachers and administrators that don’t return calls and if they do, it is 2 weeks later.

“The impact of inconsistent attendance on academic success is profound,” if this is true, why then aren’t the teachers being more proactive in reaching out to parents? If there is an issue with a student, the first question usually asked by administration is “have you called the parent?”

I have further questions and concerns. For example, with such low enrollment, why aren’t students achieving higher test scores? Why aren’t teachers picking up the phone to communicate with parents and setting up meetings with parents and students to discuss these issues? Instead they hide behind ineffective administration. The school is overstaffed and the students are not the ones who are benefiting from it.

-Patricia Hughes, Taxpayer

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