Letter To The Editor - We Need An SRO!

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The Board Meeting on November 16th was an embarrassment to the district. First of all, let's use common sense and not take safety for granted. The truth is our schools are perfect targets; they are isolated and easy to get to. While mental health may be a valid concern, I don’t suggest that anyone call a social worker to deal with an active shooter. And what about the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT? Providing mental health for students would not have helped that situation as it was an external threat. Also, having a police presence in the building speaks volumes on a subliminal level. I’d also like to understand why it was suggested that students of color, (and once again we are being divisive) in particular, would have an issue with an SRO in the building?

I do understand that as with any business, money is an issue; however, it didn't seem to be an issue last year, at a time when people in the real world were in jeopardy of losing their jobs, the teachers and administration at North Salem CSD got raises.

It doesn't seem to be an issue for teachers who live in other districts but are allowed to bring their children here to be educated free of charge, while it costs taxpayers in the town, $38,957.00 per student. If they want to bring their children, they should pay tuition.

In addition, we are top heavy with administration even though our enrollment has greatly declined. As a teacher, I have to ask, are all of these administrators and teachers really necessary, especially when they are not very effective at their jobs? Administration and some teachers have little regard for open communication and transparency with parents, and basically try to ignore parents who have a real interest in what their children are learning in the classroom. I have experienced this first hand. Also, the district is $500,000.00 in debt. Why is that?

I understand lay-offs are unfortunate, whether it be a teacher or an administrator, but when enrollment is down, some must go. If we need to find money, we charge tuition to out of district students, don’t give raises (again, common sense) and reduce staff. These are viable options. Student safety should not be compromised. We are the taxpayers and should have a voice with regard to how our tax dollars are spent.

-Patricia Hughes, Taxpayer

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