Democracy IS on the ballot- Vote Republican!

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Democracy IS on the ballot, so vote Republican! America is a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy. We have three branches of government, so one does not have too much power over the other and there are checks and balances to each power. If Republicans win this election and go into the majority they will protect our founding fathers principles, not get rid of them. We need the filibuster. Republicans are also against court packing as the judicial government is the third branch of power, not beholden to politics; that is why it has a lifetime tenure. The justices are there to interpret our Constitution, not be an activist court constantly being added to depending on who is in power. Election Integrity is on the ballot.
The NY Democrats and their supermajority have tried a slew of activities to subvert election integrity since they came to super majority power in the last midterm elections. The latest being the illegal gerrymandering of voting districts this year which was overturned after being sued by the NY State Republican Committee. 
The North Salem Republican Town Committee wants to remind you that everything is on the ballot in tomorrow’s elections, and to Vote Row B all across your ballot to save our State!

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