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Published 10/9- North Salem News. 
To the Editor:  
There are two issues that I am deeply concerned about in this year's election: crime and the high cost of living in this state. If we aren't safe and if we can't provide for our families, then nothing else matters. The spike in violent crime in our state and the high cost of everything on top of the highest taxes are not mysterious events. They are the direct result of bad policy decisions at the state level. 
The leaders in Albany are not doing anything to address these issues. It is incumbent on us, we the people, to make a change this November and send representatives to Albany who understand our priorities.    
The change we need is Gina Arena. I know Gina. She is a good and honest person with common sense. As a working mother who has lived in the lower Hudson Valley her entire life, Ms. Arena understands local issues and plans to vote to repeal cashless bail and provide more resources to law enforcement to restore public safety. Ms. Arena will also vote to cut taxes and put an end to reckless state spending to make New York more affordable.  I ask any resident who is concerned about crime and the high cost of living in this state to join me in voting for Gina Arena for New York State Senate on Nov. 8.                    
 Elizabeth Almeyda

Published 10/24- North Salem News.
To the Editor: 
New York’s “Less Is More” act, signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul on Sept. 17, 2021, has made it almost impossible to reincarcerate parolees who violate the conditions of their releases. 
What is the point of placing a convict on parole if there are no consequences for failure to abide by the terms? Such a law renders parole officers, prosecutors and courts powerless to keep our communities safe. Murderers and child molesters are free to violate parole without fear of going back to prison. Domestic abusers and rapists don’t have to abide by geographical limitations put in place to protect their victims as these technical violations are no longer enforceable.           
We need a new common sense governor who will stop giving more rights to criminals than to law-abiding New Yorkers. Vote for a change. Vote Republican. Save our state! This Election Day, vote Congressman Lee Zeldin for governor and all the Republican candidates across Row B to bring sanity back to New York.                      
The North Salem Republican Town Committee

Published 10/26- North Salem News. To the Editor:               
I recently read a letter to the editor suggesting crime is too complex to be solved by one politician. I suggest that good management by an elected leader solves the problem. Witness the failures in Democrat majority-run big cities such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, to name a few. Adding to the crime is the revolving door of arrest-repeat criminal activity, DA’s lenient charges, and no bail-no jail, all by Democrat-led bastions. There is no political balance.                 
Time for a change at the NY governor and legislative bodies to see if new laws, along with reversal of no bail statues, will bring law and order to NYC. Time to have good management where the rubber meets the road and legislative people who support them. We need to retire Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who has done nothing to call to account but dead silence on the lawless open borders allowed by our President Joseph Biden.                                                 
Howard Hellwinkel

Published 11/2- North Salem News.  To the Editor,
A New Direction to Save New York State and Our Country:                    
If you are concerned about rising Crime, rising Inflation, Fentanyl coming in through our "open border", advancing our "Parents Bill of Rights", establishing Sensible Energy Policies, lowering our Tax Burden, and keeping our Freedoms, then please come to the polls on November 8th and vote for Lee Zeldin, Mike Lawler and Gina Arena. They are all dedicated to changing the direction of our country.           
Elaine Sweeney 

Published 11/4- North Salem News.  To the Editor,                           
New Yorkers see some of the highest taxes in the U.S., and it will persist as long as we have people like Kathy Hochul as Governor.  The Tax Foundation ranks New York #49 in the State Business Tax Climate Index (https://taxfoundation.org/2022-state-business-tax-climate-index/) - only New Jersey is ranked lower. For state personal income taxes, only California has higher top marginal rates. This comes from years of a Democrat-dominated legislature and executive, and it will not turn around until we start voting these tax-and-spend Democrats out of office. Vote for Lee Zeldin for Governor, Paul Rodriguez for Comptroller, Gina Arena for State Senator, and Gary Lipson for State Assembly!                    
Mary Pat Campbell

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