2022 NSRTC Constitution Week Quiz- Prizes awarded!

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The North Salem Republican Town Committee 2022 Constitution Week Quiz. 

This contest is open to all high school students in the North Salem school district for the period of Constitution Week starting on 9/17/22. Fun local teen prizes awarded such as Grand Prix, Bounce, and more gift certificates! (Parents tell us what your kid loves).

You must answer all ten questions correctly to win the top three prizes. Contest ends on 9/22/22. Winners to be announced at our NSRTC fundraiser on 9/23/22.


1. Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution. What was the second state to ratify the Constitution?

2. What is the only Constitutional amendment to be repealed? Which amendment repealed it?

3. The Federalist Papers were published starting in October 1787 to support the ratification of the Constitution. One of the authors was John Jay. Who were the other two authors?

4. How many representatives in the House of Representatives did New York have in the first Congress?

5. The 17th amendment established the direct election of senators for the U.S. Congress. How were senators elected before that?

6. The first ten amendments to the Constitution together are called the Bill of Rights. Where is the original Federal government copy of the Bill of Rights today?

7. The 26th amendment set the voting age nationally to no higher than 18, effective in 1971 when it was ratified. What was the voting age in New York before that?

8. The Second Article of the Constitution is about the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, headed by the President. What are the requirements to be eligible to be President?

9. The power of the Supreme Court to review a Congressional or Presidential act to determine whether it is in violation of the Constitution, also called judicial review, is not within the Constitution itself but was established in a court case. What was that court case?

10. Sometimes it takes a long time for an amendment to the Constitution to get ratified. The 22nd amendment took almost 4 years to be ratified, but the 27th amendment had a longer ratification period. How long was it?

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