Plans Coming Together for Senior Prom


Photo by Benjamin Allen, HudValley Photo

After the chaos of the pandemic, North Salem High School will return to its normal prom traditions when it hosts Senior Prom Thursday, June 9 at the Salem Golf Club.

The 2021 prom was made possible by local businesses coming together to fund it. This year, a shift has taken place as seniors can expect more of the traditional prom experience that has been long anticipated. Prom tickets will be on sale from May 16-20 on the PTO School Store. Tickets are $70.00 each and have been reduced courtesy of donations from the PTO, Brewster Mobil, and the Decina Family.

Mr. DiGrandi, North Salem Middle/High School principal, embraced the comeback of a “normal” prom experience. DiGrandi said he “always appreciates when our students can get together to celebrate. Although at the beginning of the year we didn't know what to expect, I expect we should be able to navigate the remainder of the year and have an awesome Senior Prom.”

Photo by Benjamin Allen, HudValley Photo

The most notable difference between last year and this year’s prom is that there will be no COVID-19 testing and masks will not be required. DiGrandi said students can expect “Nurse Driscoll to be on the dance floor the entire night. She has more energy than any five people I know. The Salem Golf Course is really beautiful as are the sunsets and I am sure the students will have a great time getting together as their senior year concludes.”

Prepping for Prom

Dress shopping is often one of the most stressful, but thrilling aspects of the prom experience. For seniors this year, popular shops to find dresses include: Laura’s Boutique in Carmel NY, Winged Monkey in Westport, CT, A Step Ahead in Stanford, CT, Sabrina’s Style in Sandy Hook, CT, as well as Macy's department stores. Girls are drawn to sequins, florals, satins, corset-tops, and slits, which have been some of the recurring elements consistent in this year’s prom dresses. North Salem senior Anna Cooney said that “I actually found that the smaller boutiques made it much easier to find something that matched my style.” Sometimes going into larger stores and dress factories can be overwhelming, and with so many options it becomes difficult to narrow down what you’re seeking out in a dress. Cooney said “the Winged Monkey staff not only personally helped me, but also gave great suggestions to try on after I showed her the style I was looking for.”

Photo by Benjamin Allen, HudValley Photo

Businesses that cater to the complete dress shopping experience help alleviate the stress and pressure of finding “the perfect dress.” Smaller boutiques have become more popular as larger stores have an overwhelming amount of options, and the experience can feel less personal.

Exploring different boutiques and the styles offered helps students on the hunt for a dress to narrow down their options. Most locations require appointments as they continue to grow in popularity. Senior Siena Bertolino said that A Step Ahead dresses were “unique, elegant, and better priced.” She added, “I was looking for a very specific style. I wanted the strapless top where the top looks like there are straps that come to a point, and they had it. I found a dress I loved and they were extremely helpful.”

Seniors have been waiting for the end of the pandemic to have the opportunity to partake in traditional high school events. With no mask or Covid testing requirement, students are finally able embrace the end of senior year, and enjoy the full-fledged prom experience.

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