Callie, a Putnam Service Dog, is changing Bob’s life


Callie, a Putnam Service Dog, has given Bob the confidence to leave his home. (Image courtesy of Putnam Service Dogs)

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Bob had suffered a traumatic brain injury, leaving him with  fragile balance issues. Because of this, he rarely left his home. When he did leave, his wife would walk in front of him to protect him from losing his balance and falling. Bob couldn’t go anywhere alone. Last May, Bob's wife passed. After that, when Bob did need to leave his home, he had to call on a friend or family member to accompany him.

Callie graduated from Putnam Service Dogs’ training program in December 2021, and was placed with Bob.

Before Callie, Bob had never walked down the front stairs and walkway of his home. With Callie by his side, Bob made his first trip in 35 years, down his front steps and front walk to the street. Without his cane! Callie matched Bob’s uncertain pace exactly, staying with him each step of the way. Bob made it safely and successfully. 

Now Bob and Callie frequently visit neighbors, and Bob eats at his favorite diner, with Callie under the table. The owner of the diner seats Bob at the front table because Callie is so well behaved. He wants his other customers to see them because they’re such a remarkable team.

Callie accompanies Bob to all of his favorite places, including their local diner. (Image courtesy of Putnam Service Dogs)

Putnam Service Dogs, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Putnam County, New York, provides free, highly trained service dogs to people with physical disabilities other than blindness. Putnam Service Dogs adopts carefully selected mixed breed rescues to be their very select, valuable dogs. It’s a very rare dog that is capable of being a service dog. For more information about Putnam Service Dogs, and their dogs, please visit their website,, their Facebook page, or Instagram account.

Putnam Service Dogs currently seeks volunteer puppy raisers for their new class. Apply on their website, or call 917-449-5359.

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