North Salem Nursery School students' art on display at Ruth Keeler Memorial Library


North Salem Nursery School artists are featured at Ruth Keeler Memorial Library throughout the month of February. (Photo by North Salem Post staff)

North Salem Nursery School students are February’s exhibiting artists at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library, delivering an uplifting dose of color, joy and wonder in the midst of winter.

“Family members, pets, favorite toys, superheroes, gardens and homes, bugs, dinosaurs, trucks, and trains are just some of the subjects that populate the imaginations of preschool children,” said Karen Midkiff, director of North Salem Nursery School. “Their colorful pictures are freely creative and evocative. Each has a story behind it; each brings a smile to one’s face.”

Approximately 20 original paintings are on display inside the Library. Some are posted to the exhibit wall–visible to Library patrons upon entrance–and others line a primary wall inside the Children’s Room.

“While we use every opportunity throughout the school day to chat with our students about their interests and experiences, nothing can beat sitting down one-to-one to talk about the subject of their art-show painting, the details of the rendering and why it is important to them,” said Midkiff.

North Salem Nursery School students' art is on display at the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library this month. (Photo by North Salem Post staff)

Carolyn Reznick, director of the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library, said, “these wonderful paintings are exuberant, bright, colorful depictions of families and animals and nature and express the joy and excitement of young children.”

Midkiff and Reznick invite all local residents to visit the library this month to view the students’ work.

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