Don't Mind the Noise


On Saturday, March 18th, a sign on the door of Ruth Keeler Memorial Library in North Salem read: "please be patient, the library may be noisier than usual," and with over 30 little knights and Fancy Nancy fans turning out for the library's “Fancy Nancy and Little Knights Royal Celebration”, noise and joy indeed dominated the normally quiet space.

Assistant Director Jennifer Gileno organized a four-part agenda that included 1) a royal story hour, 2) coronation crafts, 3) tournament games, and 4) a fruit and veggie banquet. The well-attended event closed with a royal parade and a bubble dance reception before tired guests listened to one final Fancy Nancy story.

Seven-year-old Ellie Ortiz remarked: "It was really fun making crowns with jewels and getting dressed up. Playing ring toss was the best!” Royal games for safety reasons did not include jousting, but party hosts did have a mean game of leapfrog over the castle moat that seemed to be both equally edgy, yet safer, and a highlight for all ages.

Gileno remarked, “today, the air was filled with giggles and bubbles. We are so happy to be the place for families to share a book and craft and leave with childhood memories” As the bubble dance party concluded, Gileno distributed homemade cupcakes and Read-A-Thon sign-up information. If you'd like to help raise funds for youth services at the RKML, which supports programs like this, please check out the link here

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